PHYSIQ Body System

PHYSIQ uses STEP technology (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse), which delivers heat to tissue and electrical
muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate muscle to target stubborn areas that regular diet and exercise have a difficult time addressing. By delivering two energies from each of its four applicators, PHYSIQ is designed to maximize your results while minimizing treatment time and discomfort. Utilize two, three or four applicators to target hard to reach, small and larger areas.

How it works:

PHYSIQ targets tissues and muscle with its unique STEP technology. STEP programs are customized sequences of timed phases of deep heat and muscle stimulation. The deep heat phase from PHYSIQ’s super luminescent diode matrix (SDM) targets tissue while electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) creates muscle contractions to re-educate the muscle in the targeted area.


  • Increases muscle tone with EMS to re-educate Muscle
  • Deep Heating Target Tissue, decreasing fat in stubborn areas
  • Optimal Results in Shorter Sessions

What to expect:

First, the deep penetration of heat and cooling at the applicator’s surface allows the skin’s surface temperature to rise only minimally. Next, the cycling between heat and EMS with STEP ensures the optimal temperature is reached and maintained throughout the treatment. During your treatment you may feel warmth at the applicator site and you will feel muscle contractions during the EMS phases. After your treatment, it is important to massage the area with the PHYSIQ body lotion that was designed to complement your body treatment. The area(s) may feel warm for a few hours post treatment. Strenuous exercise and activities that raise your body temperature should be avoided for at least 48 hour. The length of treatment will depend on the area being treated but on average, treatments are thirty minutes. The recommendation is 5 sessions with each session spaced one week apart.

Before and After


Number of sessions: 6 (combined with weight management program)


Number of sessions: 5


Number of sessions: 5

*Response to treatment will vary from person to person and sometimes even from treatment to treatment. We strive to achieve the best result for you.

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