CO2 Laser

If you’ve found fine lines or other imperfections that adversely impact your confidence in your appearance, laser skin resurfacing can help you feel more confident than ever before. Bare Skin and Laser offers Rejuvenation with CO2 Laser skin resurfacing for men and women. This treatment is a fantastic solution for just about anyone with minor skin imperfections and signs of aging, helping to grant you a fresher, more youthful appearance, tailored to your goals.

Tetra CO2 Laser and CoolPeel

The CO2 laser is considered the gold standard in the treatment of wrinkles, signs of aging, and many other skin imperfections. The Cartessa Tetra CO2 is highly versatile. This anti-aging machine can treat a full range of aesthetic needs — from a full skin-resurfacing treatment to the unique CoolPeel™ treatment. CoolPeel is a brand new CO2 Skin Resurfacing Laser, delivering traditional benefits in a more safe and comfortable way than ever before. By targeting just the superficial layer of skin tissue, damaged skin is removed revealing younger and healthier looking skin.

How it works:

CO2 lasers are the gold standard in treating wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes, as well as tighten skin and balance tone. Damaged skin tissue is removed, or ablated, stimulating new collagen production and heat energy is delivered to tighten the skin. The CoolPeel stands out because it delivers the same fractional ablative treatment but without the downtime associated with other lasers. There is minimal risk of hyperpigmentation, demarcation, or induced infection.

Rejuvenation with CO2 Lasers
Rejuvenation with CO2 Lasers

What it treats:

The Tetra CO2 Laser can treat the following:

  • Deep lines, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Sun damage and pigmentation
  • Tone and texture
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring, including acne scarring
  • Large pores

What to expect:

A full-face CoolPeel laser peel can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Additional areas may range from 10-15 additional minutes per area. While there is no need for anesthesia or localized numbing at your CO2 Laser treatment, your provider may use a numbing cream for additional comfort. You should expect to be a little red, as if you have a sunburn, for a day, or two, but nothing should prevent you from returning to your normal daily activities. Your skin may feel dry and scaly as it heals so it is important to keep the skin hydrated. Results are progressive. As your skin heals in the brief recovery window, you will notice it is softer, brighter, and more even. Over the following three to six months, deeper layers of skin will heal and fill in with collagen, leading to long-term improvements to skin look and feel that can last for years with proper care.

Rejuvenation with CO2 Lasers

CO2 Laser

Before and After

Rejuvenation with CO2 LasersRejuvenation with CO2 Lasers
Rejuvenation with CO2 LasersRejuvenation with CO2 Lasers
Rejuvenation with CO2 LasersRejuvenation with CO2 Lasers

*Response to treatment will vary from person to person and sometimes even from treatment to treatment. We strive to achieve the best result for you.

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